Who are we ?

Elée : International team*

Take-off place : Paris La Défense

Destination : Advanced performance services for IT

Incorporated in December 2010, Elée is the first company dedicated to delivering managerial, administrative and operational assistance to Chief Information Officers.

We bring exclusive knowledge and capabilities in three business domains:

  • Mastering and optimization of license rights, known as Software Asset Management
  • Quality of Service within IT operations, from robustness to response time optimization.
  • Optimization of Network and Communications

Our 35 experts support our Vision of “Advanced Performance Services for IT”, and benefit from the common focus on “Business Critical IT-related inventories”.

Our revenues went from € 550k in 2011 to € 2700k in 2014. We deliver project-based missions, and managed services assignments.

Since its creation, Elée has been self-financing its profitable growth and a 10% Research & Development effort.

Our Team is extremely international :  9 countries of origin & nationalities : Algeria, Brasil, France, Germany, Israel, Morocco, Lebanon, Romania, Tunisia  !!

We speak 6 languages : Arabic, English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish  !!