The days of License Compression –

May will bring the Oracle deployment report activities. June will bring the Microsoft True-Up invoices. How many CIOs and CPOs have wished that software licenses would hit less their budget ? would require less time for experts to untangle the complex TetrisTM rules of Microsoft Windows ServerTM, SQL ServerTM, Oracle DB, options and WeblogicTM ?

MP3 compresses WAV. PNG compresses RAW. ZIP compresses DOCX. And for licenses ?

We are the software License Compression company. Elée.

Because Microsoft and Oracle rules are very diverse, because better license allocations across installations are possible, we created To bring compliance. To solve the puzzle. To compress your bill.

With more than 3,500 License Compression solutions brought to Customers, is the market leading tool for License Compression.

Do not send a license report before running

We are the License compression formatting company.  We are the world leader. We work only for CIOs and CPOs. We will serve you with passion in those difficult times.


Ecrit par Alain Marbach


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