Network optimisation

Building networks that are scalable, robust, high-performance and competitive: there are many parameters in the equation but there are no unknowns!

The design, sourcing, implementation and life of the network forms a virtuous circle and controlling the environment is the key to taking good decisions.

Knowledge of the 4 blocks opposite can reconcile sources of traffic and provide key understanding to:

  • List causes and zones of congestion,
  • Map critical physical elements (ducts, PE, POP, common rooms, optical routes),
  • Build capacity planning,
  • Anticipate load transfer scenarios,
  • Define the development target,
  • Organise a restructuring plan,
  • Homogenise the technical resources.

Our network know-how:

  • LAN / MAN / WAN network troubleshooting and performance analysis
  • Analysis of the robustness of physical connections and logical addressing plan
  • Improvement of the delivery processes (Lead Time to Connect)
  • Definition of “business” SLA / KPI
  • High Level Design
  • Desirability studies and hybridisation scenarios
  • End-to-end management of calls for tenders (qualification of requirements, design, writing specifications, analysis, sourcing, contracting, giving orders)
  • IPv6 scoping studies

Our assignments aim to control risks and costs, setting up appropriate and operational solutions.

Our Fixed Voice & UC² know-how:

  • Inventory of hardware,
  • Analysis of usage and consumption,
  • Analysis of call tickets for several purposes (dimensioning channels, financial optimisation, troubleshooting, detection of sources of poor quality,…)
  • Inventory prior to implementing T.E.M. – Support in choosing and deploying T.E.M.

Project for end-to-end change to SIP Trunking