Management of mobiles in the company

Gestion des mobiles en entreprise

The installed base of company mobiles is undergoing significant change. Smartphones and tablets are replacing the Blackberry installed base and conventional non-connected telephones are disappearing. Staff are becoming consumers and are ever more demanding concerning the terminals that are supplied (or not!) by the company. The IT and business departments have noticed the potential of corporate mobile applications (assistance with sales, real-time information on activities on the ground, provision of dematerialised resources, mobile payment collection terminals,…); It is now urgent for these business lines to equip staff as soon as possible with these tools, to remain competitive…

Satisfying all of these various expectations without making compromises for security or causing an explosion in costs is a new equation. 

Make the mobile installed base a showcase service for the IT department : this challenge is within reach of all companies!

Audit – Strategy – Sourcing – Management roadmap

Elée’s mobiles service aims to help IT departments take back control of mobiles in the company. This service is designed to combine best practices within your company, the state of the art in the area, prospects for market trends and your company’s digital strategy.

Elée’s know-how is applied over 5 key mobile topics:

  • Company mobile strategy
  • Operational management of the mobile installed base
  • Optimisation of delivery and mobile quality of service
  • Financial optimisation of mobiles
  • Advice on tools

As we are convinced that mobile terminals will be the predominant working tool of the future, the efficient management of this type of asset is a subject to be worked upon immediately, and it is part of Elée’s core business.