Telecoms – Networks

Telecoms does not intrinsically create value for companies… but it must be a genuine business enabler at the service of the business lines and attentive to them

Our Telecoms & Networks service is designed from this perspective and is intended for all players in the telecoms ecosystem in companies (user companies and operators / integrators / manufacturers). The telecoms performance and value chain is our speciality and our work aims to produce concrete, quantifiable and measurable benefits for our clients.

For companies, telecoms quality of service and responsiveness must improve without compromising security or the total cost of the solution

This state of mind drives us and we seek to apply it in all our work: Architecture design and audit, desirability studies, master plans, managing deployments / integration projects, running calls for tenders, revision of processes,…

Innovating and satisfying customer demand requires profound transformation

Always get ahead and innovate to build the future: the evolution of fixed and mobile telecoms over the last 30 years has been extraordinary. A huge number of services have become available and data rates have grown exponentially! But companies are accelerating: rationalising information systems which have become too complex to maintain, eradicating data anomalies, building reliable and flexible data repositories to support changes… these are some of the challenges confronting the large user companies as well as the operators and integrators!

NV, SDN, G.Fast and LTE-advanced will soon be realities and the challenge is to be ready to serve clients as soon as possible to increase the competitive advantage.

Elée supports operator and integrator clients in these challenges by offering Data Science services applied to the world of telecoms.

This Big Data approach, unusual in the IT consulting market, is made possible because the firm has an R&D division composed of staff with doctorates in mathematics and Elée’s telecoms & networks consultants.

Our fields of activity:

  • LAN / MAN / WAN networks
  • Fixed Voice and Unified Communications
  • Mobile terminals in the company
  • Telecoms management information systems (CMDB, Databases…)

Client benefits:

  • Confident advice in strategic telecoms decisions,
  • Assets which have developed quickly are put under control,
  • Our clients recover precious time so they can concentrate on innovation and the development of new services expected by the business lines.