Optimisation and compliance

Understand – control – optimise

The optimisation and reduction of software risks is a complex problem that requires knowledge of the deployment and use of licenses, as well as of contracts and software vendors’ licensing rules.

Optimise the installed base while making sure that it is compliant

We support our clients in carrying out a rigorous inventory of the technical and contractual legacy, an essential stage in any optimisation, and in the
identification of changes (new projects, organic growth, cloud,…), which could affect their technical and contractual assets.

Making use of this data requires complete knowledge of software vendors’ products and metrics and, above all, the skills and tools for processing and taking advantage of the considerable mass of data.

Our teams are entirely dedicated to these issues and are capable of supporting IT departments and procurement departments in all or part of their processes.

Elée covers all software vendors, from the most generic to the most specific (Microsoft, IBM, VMWARE, SAP, Oracle, Adobe, Citrix….). We can process all types of data from any tool on the market, such as SCCM, Landesk, ILMT, BMC, Flexera, Aspera (….) and support those who do not have one via organised declarative databases using our data model (HYDRA).

For audits or to prepare for them, we intervene to optimise costs and reduce risks of non-compliance using a unique approach based on tools developed internally and in-depth knowledge of the practices of software vendors and their auditors.

Expert support at the service of negotiators

Elée intervenes as a consultant to provide abilities and expertise to IT departments and procurement departments during audits or when negotiating software contracts (EA, OMA, ULA, IESSO…).

We help them to formalise their requirements (products, licenses, service levels and contractual clauses), then define, together with them, the negotiation strategy adapted to their issues and their negotiation abilities.

Completely neutral in relation to software vendors, we provide complete expertise going from strategy to price analysis, as well as seeking credible technical and contractual alternatives to give our clients more bargaining power.

Advice and assistance in the back office for the entire period of the negotiations

In the back office, at the service of buyers and negotiators who remain in control of the negotiations, our teams analyse the commercial and contractual conditions of software vendors, giving a real-time evaluation of the benefits, risks and economic impact of software publishers’ proposals.