Cloud sizing and pricing

Cloud computing is a tempting opportunity for companies that would like reliable and efficient IT resources at prices that appear competitive

This apparent simplicity and expert marketing conceals complex mechanisms which must be understood and controlled by the IT department.

Whether we are talking about IAAS, PAAS or SAAS, all clouds, whether they are public, private or hybrid, are composed of machines, software, networks and humans. These proposals, sold in the form of services, deliberately hide this complexity using very simple marketing modes based on usage.

Backed by our experience in asset management, we have finalised a range of services totally dedicated to cloud computing, with a simple objective: to allow IT departments and procurement teams to size and price their “AAS” proposals.

Size cloud services and sell them at the right price

Sizing a cloud requires having good visibility over its future use and, above all, controlling an essential variable, the software layer.

We help our clients to size the IT resources that they really need for their clouds (IAAS, PAAS, SAAS) according to their range of services and their capacity planning.

Our experts intervene to define the amount and type of software necessary to make sure that the cloud functions properly, taking care to remain compliant and competitive in relation to what is available in the market (public cloud).

Once the target product has been defined, we check whether the existing contracts are adapted to this new use by answering two questions:

Can the acquired software rights be used on a shared and highly virtualised infrastructure? Are they enough to cover the short and medium-term requirements?

To answer these questions, we perform a comprehensive analysis of contracts and of software publishers’ roadmaps, to make sure that the choices made at any given moment will not be invalidated due to a change of rules decided by a particular software vendor.

To monitor the competitiveness of cloud proposals, we evaluate all procurement modes or channels available to acquire licenses and the underlying resources (software publishers, hosts, services companies and distributors, in France or abroad).

Once the cloud has been sized and costed, Elée can intervene concerning the price strategy, using a unique method for defining both the prices of services and the associated invoicing modes.

To control usage and ensure a balance between use and resources over the long term, we set up the monitoring processes that are essential to control the consumption of software.