Advice and auditing covering the organisation

Understanding software risks, evaluating the costs of non-compliance, measuring the efficiency of processes and improving maturity have become key issues for IT departments, which have had their fingers burnt by the wave of audits that has swept over them over the last decade, and the constant increases in their software costs.

To help them, we have developed a simple service providing an audit and the construction of a Software Asset Management (SAM) system

Pragmatic, factual and totally independent, our auditors use a unique framework to evaluate the tools, data, skills and processes in place in the IT, procurement and legal organisations.

Our audit process combines in-depth discussions with the various players in the company and an advanced analysis of existing data, such as inventories, contracts, processes and asset retirement.

After the audit, we are able to:

  • Evaluate the level of maturity of the organisation
  • Quantify the risks and identify their causes and, conversely, highlight the strengths of the organisation
  • Propose a pragmatic and costed action plan to the IT department

In organisational matters, we assist IT departments that want to become more professional in:

  • Constructing and deploying processes
  • Developing SAM governance, bringing together the IT department, asset manager, the procurement, legal and financial teams, and users
  • Supporting a software strategy (discovery, standards, asset databases and tools for Software License Optimisation)
  • Training teams and users

Following the example of the ITIL and ISO 19970 standards, our approach aims above all to be pragmatic, efficient and focused on client objectives.