Software assets

The challenges and risks associated with software licenses have grown exponentially over the last ten years, affecting all sectors. The management of software assets in a company, or in a public authority, is a major economic issue, the complexity of which requires expert assistance.

To reduce the risks and costs related to the management of software hosted in-house or in the cloud, Elée has developed expertise and tools that are unique in the market.

We cover 4 topics to optimise your software assets

·         Optimisation and compliance

·         Cloud sizing and pricing

·         Organisation advice and auditing

·         Outsourced administration of Software Asset Management (SAM) processes

Beyond technical matters, we take into account the accounting, contractual and legal constituents related to the management of licenses and maintenance, without forgetting their interdependence with the hardware environment.

Ultimately, the impact of IT on the competitiveness of our clients is a major issue for us

Our approach meets the requirements of CAC 40 listed, intermediate-sized and small companies that wish to maximise the use of their technological assets, while making savings.

We are very attentive to the visible and hidden faults within IT, and to the consequences that these faults may have for the efficiency of users, the productivity of the company, and costs.