Response time

Improvement of the response times of the IS

Clients expect a sophisticated and personalised service. This last requirement is a challenge to any unified design of an IT system.

The technical architecture uses numerous resources, which are highly heterogeneous. Because of this, dispersion and abnormally-long response times can become unacceptable.

Elée provides a methodology and expertise that comes both from the culture of client satisfaction and the statistical control of processes.

We help our clients to:

Listen the “client’s voice”,

  • Break down the response time over the elements of the service chain,
  • Statistically identify the circumstances and causes of slowdowns,
  • Choose the corrective projects,
  • Assess the impact of a planned improvement.

The actions proposed reduce application response time and dispersion. The teams more quickly understand the causes of slowdowns or service degradation.

Élée works with the client’s logging and analysis tools. For difficult situations, where multi-source data is essential in the analysis of complex routing, Élée offers a Java utility to be incorporated into the client’s supervision assets: software for automatically detecting critical paths.